The challenge of coordinating diverse communities with various changing needs during disaster response and recovery led us to begin testing a novel software component for crowd logistics. CogniCity.Sync was pilot tested by HKFoodWorks to address chronic issues of food waste and hunger in Hong Kong; following their remarkable success, the software is now being re-engineered and further developed and deployed for episodic disaster crowd logistics in Metro Manila, as well as chronically underserved communities in Montreal. In collaboration with the Climate Emergency Software Alliance, we plan to release an enterprise-level version of CogniCity.Sync for deployment anywhere in the world in the next several years.   



Learning to adapt to climate change also means coming to terms with especially challenging facts about when and where human settlements are appropriate. As communities begin to acknowledge the risk they face as a result of the worsening climate crisis, we have been working in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Rosetta S. Elkin to develop new open source financial technologies to both facilitate and compensate community-led retreat processes. With the support of Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Prof. Elkin led an extensive preliminary research effort to determine the requirements for CogniCity.Cede. In partnership with Prof. Elkin, the Climate Emergency Software Alliance, and various political leaders in North America, our team will pilot test the first version of this system next year.