CogniCity.Info is designed with three primary modules for reports, databases, and servers, which enable robust, reliable performance of the web-based map and the humanitarian chat bots during peak usage and in extreme circumstances. The reports module collects disaster information from a variety of sources, including crowdsourced reports solicited via social media, and API-sourced data from government agencies. A centralised geospatial database stores the collected information, categorized by source and type. The server module serves this information via a data API to a client interface—the or web pages—providing users with access to data in real-time. An output API stream also gives secondary applications open access to time-critical data collected by the platform. Designed within AWS, the web server is programmed to scale virtually to handle high volumes of traffic during disaster situations without requiring expensive but idle servers during off-peak times. CogniCity.Info modules are presently being reconfigured into a serverless architecture; once completed, this code will also be updated with new documentation in GitHub.